Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bfed Stadium

My latest work.. is still work in progress and i still need finishing model all the seats and textures.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Demo Reel_02

I put the fly trough at the end of the demo of the mine shaft render and i use new music and a new intro and end because the last one had to much fancy work and it didnt seem to fit the work (once again i wana thank Fernando Clavijo for helping with the After Effect Part)

New Demo Reel

New Demo Reel with new and past work.. (thanks to fernando clavijo for helping with the After Effect part)

New Renders From The Cabin

New textures for the house, Josh gave it the blood on the door that makes it look so Aswome

Cabin Wolf

i was doing the enviroment and lighting and my partner Josh Robles was doing the wolf. this is the first render but we are working at the moment fixing lighting and some textures we though needed fixing. as we improve some parts i will be posting the upgrades

More variations

I put this ones because i did a different lighting in the inside shows a little more of the turn at the end, kinda cool also the steped wooden entrance was the first one i had done.

Inside and Outside Mine Render

Fly trough coming soon...